Chicken with Green Beans

Chicken with Green Beans (a Paleo Recipe)

A Paleo Recipe

A Paleo Recipe


1 lb. chicken meat

1-2lbs. fresh green beans

Favorite Chicken Wing Sauce

Coconut oil for pan


1. Cut up chicken meat into squares.

2. Once chicken is cut up, place in a bag and marinate meat in chicken wing sauce. If you use “Uncle Dougies” I recommend 1.5 tablespoons. Mix the chicken up with the sauce to make sure the chicken is all coated.

3. Marinate for 45 minutes (longer for spicier taste) in the refrigerator.

4. While chicken is marinating, snip the ends off your fresh green beans.

5. After a 45 minutes has passed, warm up a TBL of coconut oil in one pan for the green beans and another TBL of coconut oil in the other pan for the chicken. Let the oil get nice and hot.

6. I dumb my marinate and chicken into one pan and let it cook for 6 minutes (flipping chicken at 3 minutes). Time may vary depending on chicken square size.

7. While chicken is cooking, put green beans into another pan. Allow this to cook while chicken is cooking. Stir often.

8. Once chicken is cooked and green beans are lightly cooked, mix the green beans in with the chicken mixture. Stir it around and let it cook together for about 2 minutes.

9. Enjoy your chicken with green beans!!